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Body Treatments & Tanning


CACI Electro Cellulite Massager (ECM)

£40.00  (30 mins)

Course of 10 treatments £360.00

The Electro Cellulite Massager treatment gives instant lifting and contouring on the buttocks and toning of the thighs. This treatment will improve the appearance of cellulite and break down fatty deposits. It will also stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help to flush toxins away giving a smoother and tighter, dimple free appearance. Great as a pre-holiday body blitz.


Decleor Cleansing Back Facial

£50.00  (40 mins)

A luxurious and deep cleansing treatment for your back. We start with exfoliating the back, followed by a 15 minute back massage. Then a detoxifying clay mask is applied, finishing with a Neroli Body Milk.


Decleor Restoring Foot Treatment

£40.00  (25 mins)

A nourishing and restoring treatment for your feet. Using the Essential Oil based products from Decleor, makes this one of our most luxurious foot treatments. This can also be an add on to a Pedicure.


Decleor Restoring Hand Treatment

£40.00  (25 mins)

A nourishing and restoring treatment for your hands. Using the Decleor Neroli range of products, leaving your hands silky smooth. This can also be an add on to a Manicure.


Quantum Bust Enhancing Treatment 

£40.00  (20 mins)

Course of 10 treatments £270.00

The CACI bust treatment will help to lift, tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area, giving an enhanced, firmer and fuller appearance.


Quantum Tummy Toning Treatment 

£40.00  (20 mins)

Course of 10 treatments £270.00

The CACI tummy toning treatment is aimed at those who want to define their stomach muscles. Using electrically conductive pads, it will enhance and strengthen the muscles, keeping them firm and toned. It is recommended in conjunction with diet and exercise. A typical 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 360 perfect sit ups.

CACI Electro Cellulite Massger (ECM)

St Tropez – Spray Tanning

Full Body Tan £25.00  (15 mins)

Everyone feels better with a tan and now you can have a natural bronzed glow all year round. St. Tropez. A natural looking tan that lasts up to 7 days is applied in minutes, perfect for busy schedules.

Now available in 3 shades:

Classic Bronze (For a natural glow)
Deep Mist (For that Caribbean touch)
Sensitive Range (For reactive skin)

Please ensure that you exfoliate thoroughly and shave/wax 24 hours prior to treatments. Please refrain from body lotions, perfume and deodorant on the day of treatment and wear loose, dark clothing. Please allow 6-8 hours for tan to develop before showering.


Universal Contour Wrap


Universal Contour Wrap provides the UK’s best selling body wrap, the only body wrap scientifically proven to work! With a GUARANTEED loss of 6 inches it’s no wonder why high profile celebrities trust it to make a difference every time they walk down the red carpet. The superb exfoliation and detox properties will also make your skin feel and look great. 


Treatment time: 120mins

Cost per treatments

Course of 3


Treatment time: 90mins

Cost per treatments

Course of 3






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