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“Should I believe all of the hype about Laser Hair Reduction?”

Clients often ask me questions about the IPL Hair Reduction treatment here at the salon. So I thought it would be useful to explain the treatment in a little bit more detail.

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IPL (Intense pulsed light) is a technology used for Pigmentation, Facial Thread Veins and in this case Permanent Hair Reduction.

The light from the laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair.

The light energy is converted into heat energy and travels down the hair follicle where it will heat the base of the follicle to 70c. This will ultimately damage or destroy the cells, and therefore the follicle, to achieve hair reduction.

The darker the hair means greater success. Unfortunately this treatment is not suitable for hair that is blonde, red or grey.

A course of treatments is required, usually between 6-10 sessions. Each treatment needs to be about 4 weeks apart. New clients will be given a consultation and a patch test. They will then have to wait at least 48hrs before the treatment can begin.

When clients arrive for their treatment the area is cleaned and marked out. We then shave the hair as we are only treating the hair in the follicles. The client will then be given protective glasses and a gel is applied to the area. When the light is being applied the client will feel a strong flicking sensation. We have control of the energy level and increase it to suit each individual client.

Once the treatment is over the gel is removed and 100% Aloe Vera gel is applied followed by an SPF factor 30. There can be slight redness/rash but this soon disappears after a few hours. Some clients like to have some Aloe Vera to use at home for aftercare. Clients will need to use an SPF 30 afterwards to avoid any hyper pigmentation.

I recently had a client that started a course of treatments on his whole back. He decided to split the 1stsession over 2 days. We treated his lower back up to his shoulders on the 1stday, then the rest of his upper back on the following day.

I had to make a judgement where I had finished the treatment from the first day. It turned out 4 weeks later that I was about 1cm out. You will notice this in the 2ndpicture.

I really liked how this demonstrated the effectiveness of this treatment, even after just one session.

Our clients have genuinely had great results, especially those that have had treatment for facial hair.

Some have said that the treatment has been life changing!

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